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What Symbols Mean

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The symbols preceding the item list on a page have the following meaning.

  • Audio is available with the item.
  • Audio is available and timing information has been collected.
  • No audio available for item where audio is expected.
  • The item is incompletely formated.
  • The item has been indexed and available for search.

Timing Data


Audio timing information enables a feature of the Library that highlights and scrolls into view the paragraph being spoken by the associated audio.

This makes it easy to read along with the audio as it plays. The audio always adds a deeper dimension of communication not available with the written text alone.

Try it out

Navigate to a page with timing data and press the symbol to display the audio player. Then press play and observe what happens.

Example from NWFFACIM Study Group
Example from Way of the Heart

Play from Here

Timing data also enables the Play from Here feature found in the sidebar. This allows you to begin audio playback from an arbitrary paragraph and serves as a convenient way to fast forward.

Try it out

Navigate to a page with timing data, open the side bar by pressing the hamburger icon at the upper left of the page, then select the Play from Here menu option. That will display a symbol next to each paragraph.

Press the symbol at the paragraph you want to begin listening.

Note: I am aware that the audio often doesn’t sync exactly with the paragraph as it is being read when Play from Here is used. The sync discrepancy seems to be larger as the paragraph where playback begins is further from the beginning of the page.

Example from NWFFACIM Study Group
Example from Way of Transformation

Play on Page Load

Timing data also enables the ability to scroll to a given paragraph and automatically begin audio playback from that point after the page has loaded. This is a very useful way to share quotes and other inspirational items from a teaching with others.

Try it out

This link will load a page from NWFFACIM Study Group from October 21, 2006 and start playing audio from paragraph 31. Click here to test it out: ACIM Study Group: October 21, 2006.

We Need Your Help to obtain timing information for all items with associated audio. It’s easy to do while you listen. See the guide for obtaining timing data here.

Incomplete Format

Items that are not completely formatted, for the most part, are in an acceptable condition for reading but are still in need of attention.

Items must be formatted properly before they can be indexed and referenced by searches. Completed formatting is also required before timing information can be collected.