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It is my desire to share with you the message of love given so patiently, in a million different ways, in a form that I call Teachings of Christ Mind. They offer a perspective on life and living that is immediately recognized as true and, at the same time, seen to be opposite from the way life is typically lived on our planet.

It is for this reason they inspire a transformation of life and how it is lived in those who dare try something new in recognition of the ways of the past that didn’t work.

On my journey, which started with A Course in Miracles, I have experienced an understanding that has deepened over the years as layers of misunderstanding began to peel away. For me, this understanding has been greatly supported by teachings similar to ACIM such as The Way of Mastery, insight into ACIM offered by Raj and the Northwest Foundation for ACIM, and most recently, A Course of Love.

Immersing in these different expressions of love, of Christ Mind, given in different voices and all expressing the same message I have grown to deeply love and trust the pathway of Love they reveal.

I have found these messages to be far more than words on a page or enlightened concepts to discuss with friends but rather as an inspiration to live and incorporate into everyday life. I have also found, at times, the words and concepts fading into the truth of experience!

And that’s a life worth living!

It’s my hope that you’ll find this site to be a useful reference and an easy way to share what inspires you with others.

Visit often – the site is changing frequently, sometimes daily. There is much to do and I gratefully accept any offer of support. You can learn all about this site on the Christ Mind.info landing page.

Thanks for stopping by…

Rick Mercer

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